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AD Communications specialises in global communications and marketing for B2B brands.

Whatever sector you operate in, we’ll devise integrated strategies that help you stand out. Together, we’ll develop your markets, engage your customers and prospects, and increase your sales.

Our focus is on:

  • Strategy
  • Public relations
  • Digital and social media
  • Integrated marketing
  • Advertising
  • Content

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Clients tell us they value their relationship with us for:

  • our frank advice
  • the depth of our industry knowledge
  • our ambitious thinking

*oh, and they’re also quite partial to our sweetie jar

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The power of print… in the free city map

Author: Millie Allen

Earlier this summer, a friend and I embarked on a mini tour of Europe. As a pair of self-proclaimed culture vultures (geeks), we’ve always enjoyed travelling around and seeing the wealth of history that Europe has to offer. As we ventured around the eight major cities on our itinerary (Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich, Ljubljana, Bratislava, Budapest, Krakow and Prague), print proved to be a vital part of our trip.